Does Your Customer Experience Live Up to Your Brand?

Knowing what your brand stands for is one thing. Putting it into practice in every interaction is another. Is your brand influencing the right moments where customers engage with you? Where are you getting it right, and more importantly, where are you not living up to your brand’s potential?

Sullivan is offering a custom Journey Mapping Workshop tailored to your specific target audience and business needs. The workshop can help you create a customer-centric mindset and uncover opportunities to create a better customer experience.

Get Smarter About Your Customer’s Journey.

Our half-day, onsite workshop, led by an experienced team of strategists and customer experience experts, includes:

  • A 1-hour pre-consultation to identify the best approach
  • A participatory workshop comprised of:
    • An introduction to the practice of customer journey mapping
    • 4 real-life examples
    • Collaborative persona development based on a priority target audience you identify
    • A journey mapping exercise tailored to a marketing challenge or opportunity relevant to your business
  • A codified map of the workshop learning, including the customer’s needs, emotional & practical drivers, and potential opportunities & tactics
  • Scalable persona and mapping templates

Find Out More.

To learn more, get pricing, or to schedule a workshop, please get in touch below.

What Attendees Are Saying.

94% of attendees say they will be back for a future workshop, and 92% would recommend it to a colleague:

What a fantastic often, we get caught up in viewing everything through our role as marketers. We uncovered drivers for our customer we’d never considered before.
Customer experience and customer journey are big buzzwords, but the Sullivan team has a clear point-of-view on what each means and their importance
I left with a clearer understanding as to how an exercise like customer journey mapping can help tangibly drive sales.

Insights From Customer Experience Experts.

Our team applies their diverse experience—amassed across a range of skillsets, industries, and audiences—toward a shared goal of bringing brands to life through the customer experience to influence people’s decisions.

Lynn Koble

Director of Experience

Lynn is the customer’s ultimate advocate. She constantly looks for ways to bring simplicity through experiences that clarify, engage, and inspire action. She’s an expert at bringing financial offerings to life in surprising and delightful fashion, including work for American Express, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, CAN Capital, and beyond Financial Services with work for Duke University and Weill Cornell Medicine.

Lauren Walsh

Head of Marketing

Lauren has never met a complex marketing challenge she didn’t love tackling. She spent 10 years as a strategist helping companies like Charles Schwab, American Express, Liquidnet and Cornell Tech create and implement ideas for standing out in their market and building relationships with their customers.

John Paolini

Executive Creative Director

John leads our creative vision for all engagements, thinking about the brand experience every step of the way. He works closely with our strategists, writers, designers, and technologists to ensure the brand comes to life at the moments where customers engage and has led engagements with a wide range of blue-chip companies, includingAmerican Express, Cornell Tech, IBM, and TD Ameritrade.